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We are a Rehab facility that was founded in early 2002. Just like any other rehab facility our goals and ideas are the same, to help people get over their addiction. We are specializing in only drug addictions. We have helped countless people throughout these 15 years of work. Also, more importantly, we have gained a lot of experience from various patients we have been working with. Our facility is located in Orlando, FL. If you are a drug addict who wants to stop abusing drugs, then stop searching, we are the best rehab facility that in the whole region.

Some of Our Services

Detoxification Process

This is one of the most important services that a rehab facility can offer to their patients. However, not many facilities provide it. Because of this service our patients have a much higher rate of success in stopping drug abuse.

Individual  Therapy.

This type of therapy is designed for patients that need more attention to their addiction in order to stop it. These patients get a strategy that we specially design for them which will help them with their addiction.

Group Therapy.

This type of therapy is the opposite of the individual one. Here our patients will be sorted in groups that consist of patients with the same kind of addiction. We are doing that in order to help them realize they are not the only one with that problem.


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Why You Should Choose Us

There are a lot of different reasons that indicate why you should choose us and not any other rehab facility. For example, our departments that are specially designed for treat patients with different drug addiction problem because we do not focus on just one method of treatment. Using one method can be bad because not every person has the same problems. We treat each patient differently because they require different methods.


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