How Effective is Drug Addiction Treatment

The goal of drug rehab is not only to stop people from drug abuse but to help people get back in the real, everyday life to teach them how to function in the modern society and how to engage with their friends and family. Some research has shown that people that decide to go through a rehab not just stop using drugs, but also quit any sort of criminal activity that they were doing before and because of that their life gets improved by a lot. Here is one example, methadone rehab has shown signs of an increase in involvement in behavioral rehabilitation and decrease in criminal activity and drug use. However, these treatments depend on of the length patients use them and on the specific problems of the patient.

The Effects of Rehab

Just like any other chronic disease, addiction can be treated and cured successfully. The rehab allows patients to counter some of the main effects that the drugs have on their brain such as behavior. Drug addiction is a type of a chronic disease because there is a possibility of going back to of drug use even after a successful rehab treatment. That is happening because drug are very powerful and they have strong components that can mess with people’s minds and trick them into a false reality.
Unfortunately, when a rehab patient goes back to using drugs, many experts are judging the rehab like it was a total failure. However, this is not the case because to have a successful rehab treatment, they must make modifications that are appropriate to that type of an addiction. Sometimes the problem is that the treatment is stopped too early. People think they are cured after a short period of time just because they see a huge improvement and the symptoms vanish. However, they are wrong, the symptoms that so quickly can come back just as fast if the rehab is stopped half way. Unfortunately, but some patients tend to quit the rehab because they don’t see or feel an improvement after a longer period of time. That can happen sometimes due to not adjusted treatment for that specific addiction.
The cost of the rehab program can vary. Usually, it is not so much expensive, you can find one full year of treatment for around $5,000 for one person. However, that price is too much for some people, especially when they are drug addicts who lost everything due to drug use.